Training Tip – Learn Sequences!

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Training Tip – Learn Sequences!

Sequences are where the magic happens in Jiu-Jitsu , anyone can attempt a single technique but to chain that technique together with others is to learn the true nature and strategy of the art, its where the art really comes alive and gains potency.

Just like a boxer would never throw a single jab, its is the combination of attacking movements following each other that penetrates through a partners defence eventually leaving them a move behind and exposed and vulnerable to the finish.

Knowing why to attempt a single movement, i.e. a choke is easily understood but knowing Continue reading

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Black Friday Deal! Train All December For Just £25!!!

Black Friday Special Deal!

We have just released a great current special offer for you to Train All Of December And any remaining November sessions for just £25!!! When You Join up as a monthly member Before December 1st 2017! + Get A Free 1HR Private Lesson! Continue reading

Special Halloween “Dark Arts” Illegal Techniques / Self Defence Portsmouth No Gi Session!

Halloween Self Defence Session in Portsmouth

Special Halloween “Dark Arts” Illegal Techniques / Self Defence No Gi Session! Tue 31st Oct, 7.30-9pm at Miltoncross School, Portsmouth, PO3 6RB.

In keeping with the Dark theme, We will be spend the class looking at illegal and horrible martial arts techniques for use on the street either by themselves or to augment our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu such as eye gouges, nerve strikes, biting, neck cranks, pressure points and strikes from the ground. All excellent for self defence as well as techniques for low rules BJJ competition / MMA such as dangerous takedowns and leg locks. Continue reading